Welcome to JIANGXI GRARSNY CLOTHERS    Now :2016年7月26日 星期二
Jiangxi grarsny clothes Co., Ltd. is a set development, design, sales as one of the clothing technology intelligent manufacturing enterprises, leading products to families, professional, specialized series of outdoor, down clothing series of high-end products. The company has 118000 square meters garden market. Jiangxi province has been named the "Upgrade Demonstration Enterprise" and "new special expertise of small and medium-sized enterprises", and through a number of international certification authority. Chi Technology: through continuous innovation and transformation, grarsny company has become intelligent manufacturing, technology products as one of the new technology of garment enterprises. Full production by using all of the domestic first-class equipment: 1. Intelligent template automatic system, intelligent automatic filling machine, laser cutting machine, 4. Professional heat sealing glue roller, 5. The computer automatic sewing machine, combined with high-quality professional technical workers, the formation of intelligent control clothing science and technology intelligent manufacturing. Professional development and design and production team, focus on building high-end outdoor clothing! Essence: elite design team, to the international forefront of aesthetic, innovative thinking